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We manage your fundraising outreach,

so that you can focus on your cause

Our Expertise

At Grassroots-Fund, we deliver comprehensive fundraising solutions tailored to online digital campaigns for nonprofit organizations and charitable causes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver streamlined and impactful fundraising solutions, equipping philanthropic organizations and causes with the means to secure essential funding effectively.

Our Vision

Our vision is to innovate and optimize fundraising approaches for philanthropic organizations and causes, making them more effective and efficient.


Our Commitment to Results

We are dedicated to ensuring your online campaign's success by establishing a robust foundation, enabling you to surpass your fundraising goals.


Founder's Story

Roxana Muzzammel is the founder of Grassroots-Fund.  She has come from a backdrop of ten years of fundraising, spanning nonprofits, organizations and important causes.

Roxana Muzzammel


Roxana comes from a background in technology and fundraising.  She has raised over $500,000 for nonprofits and causes.  Through her past success with fundraising, she had decided to create a platform to help others achieve success in their fundraising efforts with less time, increase efficiency and engage with a targeted audience in a meaningful way.

Roxana's fundraising journey into fundraising began with a personal and emotional event losing her father to a blood cancer.  Due to the loss of her father, she had embarked her first fundraising campaign with a cancer research affiliated organization.  From that first fundraiser, she had personally raised $100K online.  Since then, she had worked with various charities and causes helping them meet and exceed their fundraising goals via online fundraising to help further their mission.

In simple terms, at Grassroots-Fund she is able to offer a platform to make fundraising easier for nonprofit clients.  This was inspired by her own journey and realization that there could be a better way to do things.  Her story is about turning a personal loss into a force for good, using technology to drive change, and transforming one person's success into collective progress.



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Roxana at Grassroots-Fund was such a pleasure to work with.  Everything was easy to understand and seamless.  Roxana has a lot of experience working with nonprofits and we had a really successful end-of-year fundraiser.  Roxana is hard-working, easy to work with, and on top of things.  I highly recommend her services to any nonprofits looking to fundraise with ease"
- Jennifer Ramirez, Non-Profit Executive Director of &Rise

Brandon Photo_edited_edited.jpg

" Thanks to Roxana for all her help with my All-Star campaign with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).  I was super busy, and Roxana has helped me reach a lot of people.   I was super busy and did not have enough time.  We always think that we have more time than we actually have. To have someone to do some of the things for us is really invaluable.  Thanks to Roxana I appreciate her help with my LLS campaign.  
Everyone use her, she is great!
- Brandon Clay, 2023 LLS All-Star 


" Roxana at Grassroots-Fund did an amazing job helping us exceed our fundraising goals by over 50%.  She was on top of our campaign and made sure we did all the right steps to become the number one fundraiser on our team.  We highly recommend Roxana to anyone that is looking to raise funds for their nonprofit. "
- Amit Thakrar, 2023 LLS Student of the Year 

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